Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guiding Light - Switched Off!

The ever popular, and longest running "Guiding Light" daytime drama (soap opera) series is being canceled by CBS, according to a variety of media reports.

"Light" launched as a 15-minute network program in 1952, expanded to 30 minutes in 1968, then went to an hour in 1977..... Read the whole article here

The soap opera ran for a period of 72 years, and its demise is attributed to the economy as well as changing viewer preferences. The show holds a record in the Guinness book of records as the 'longest running television drama' and will air its final show on September 18th.

Is this the end of daytime Soap Operas as we know them?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2009 Issue

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2009.

Bar Refaeli, the 23 year old Israeli model graces the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2009.

IndyCar racer Danica Patrick and Phoenix Suns dancer, Kayla Oberg, are featured in the issue. This is Danica's second appearance in the most popular issue of any magazine in the world. This is Oberg's first appearance, with the magazine featuring nine other NBA dancers.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2009.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Academic Papers PR Campaign

I am lucky enough to have a couple of loyal customers that continually request for me to write their academic papers, due to them not being native English speakers. This week I had to do two identical papers, but in different styles and formats, so that they were sufficiently different, for each of my clients.

Thankfully I managed to complete both of the papers. Whilst researching the papers one most finds that the availability of resources for specifics pertaining to the task at hand are buried amongst a whole host of other researched items. I found a comparison table of Generational characteristics, which analysis the differences between the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y, which makes for extremely interesting reading, albeit a generalization. This table can be accessed at and the table is known as Generational Characteristics. It is a PDF file - Generational Characteristics, so that you are aware.

Just remember if you are quoting from the table and any other related resource when writing academic or any sort of papers to properly cite the source of your material, otherwise you can run the risk of being accused, and found guilty of plagiarism.

- A great resource MLA citation generation.
- Citation Machine is quite handy.
- is the one I use most.

Obviously writing for academic purposes, a valid source of information is required - one of which is Questia, which offers full access to books, journals, articles and more for only $9.95 per month!

Unlimited Access 24/7

Should you need any resources, direction or assistance, feel free to leave a comment and we'll see if we can assist where ever necessary.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Valentine's Day is around the corner....

Don't forget Valentine's Day is coming up, this is the time to plan and purchase accordingly, don't leave it to the last minute like we normally do and then rush around like a mad person looking for gifts, this link will take you through to one of the most value added sites, where you can bid on jewellery, just like an auction - well that is what it is actually

Live Jewelry Auctions. Up to 95% Off.

Those looking for the fragrances, or special gift sets - this will be the place to find a great deal Large Banner

Flip Video

Billed by the New York Times as one of the most significant electronic devices, this is truly one of handiest and most trendy devices I have seen in a long time. This simplifies things that I believe even my Father would not be scared to hold and operate one, Yahoo calls it one of the most simple devices.

Lightweight, easy to handle and simple to use.....


One thing I realized when looking for perfume for my wife for Christmas, either I have lost touch or I never was in touch, but I couldn't believe the prices of cosmetics, and perfumes.

Either way after forking out an amount of money, which was worth it, just shocked - I realized that all these physical so called brick and mortar shops are making a killing on the mark up. After investigation I came across this source, which provides value added products - and free shipping, at the moment.

Free Shipping Worldwide at

I compared some of their prices to that of a local online supplier here in Slovakia and one in Czech - the above still wins hands down. No competition!!! Well that is my target now is get the word out.

After close analysis the Calvin Klein Euphoria was about 15% cheaper than the closest competitor.

Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein, 50 ml Eau De Parfum Luminous Lustre Spray for Women

Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein, 50 ml Eau De Parfum Luminous Lustre Spray for Women

Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein, Euphoria By Calvin Klein Was Introduced In 2005 As A Fun, Enticing Scent For Women. The Beautiful Fragrance Starts Off With Pomegranate, Persimmon, And A Lovely Lush Green Accord. The Heart Then Blends Into A Sensual Lotus Blossom, Black Orchid Which Then Finishes Off With Amber, Violet, Cream And Woods.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wine Writing for Enjoyment

I have always had a passion for wine, this passion was realised when I had the opportunity of selling and serving wine onboard a large cruise ship. I was initially employed as a bar server and was quickly promoted to a Sommelier, also known as a wine steward.

Here we were required to sell and serve various wines from all over the world to the guests. We were lucky enough to receive great training and exposure to these various wines.

I have decided to continue my passion in following wine and actually writing about it, please have a look at and provide any ideas or suggestions for these writings.....

Writing to share

Writing for the pure enjoyment allows one to express your thoughts and ideas on just about anything. It gives one the creative freedom, that I suppose that which an artist enjoys when painting, drawing or sculpting. It allows one to express insights into the experiences that one has had and share with those that may require advice.

People shouldn't be afraid to write and share their story, as there are people out there that can learn from your experiences and needn't knock their heads in the process.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Academic and Article Writing

I conduct a lot of work in terms of writing academic papers as well as articles, on a ghost writer basis. One has to be very aware of the issues of plagiarism, which is right. Effectively I see plagiarism as theft and it isn't fair on the person who wrote the original work.

There are sometimes however times that when you have written a paper or an article that a high percentage of plagiarism, and after a bit of research I have realised it was due to the references being included in the plagiarism scanner. So next time you check your work for plagiarism, omit the references or bibliography to get a truer reflection of your work.

A handy tool for checking plagiarism can be found at Plagiarism Detect, this might come in handy for fellow writers....